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Community Health Needs Assessment

In 2022 Watsonville Community Hospital returned to its roots as a non-profit hospital, following more than 20 years of for-profit ownership. We are now a community-owned, district hospital governed by the Pajaro Valley Health Care District, whose geographic boundaries span from Aptos in the north to Las Lomas in the south.

As a non-profit, we have a clear focus on serving the community of the Pajaro Valley, meeting its healthcare needs, and working to improve health equity and wellness for all. One of the first steps is gaining a clear understanding of the health needs of our community. To that end, we have conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This assessment will be formally adopted by the Pajaro Valley Health Care District Hospital Corporation board at our January 31, 2024 board meeting.

The CHNA is a data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors, and needs of residents of the Pajaro Valley. We are in the process of carefully evaluating the data and building an implementation plan to address our community’s needs. Once that plan is complete, we will continually evaluate its implementation, and conduct a CHNA every three years to track how we are doing and stay informed about our community’s changing health needs. Click on the button below to view the report. If you would like a paper copy of the CHNA 2023 Report, please email [email protected] to request a copy.

Our research partner. Our CHNA was conducted by Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) for Watsonville Community Hospital. They bring nearly 40 years of experience conducting research and providing analytics tools to thousands of healthcare organizations across the country to help support improved health outcomes.